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A 2020 vision for Albert Basin

Local pressure group Newry 2020 has unveiled its masterplan for the Albert Basin – which it believes would transform the area into a major social and leisure hub. The group has produced a map of what could be delivered on the 15 acre site – with a new marina, exercise areas, outdoor events space, biodiversity park and canal heritage centre the key components. In the proposals, two new pedestrian bridges – one a swing bridge over the canal, the other a permanent structure over the Clanrye would provide enhanced access to the site. The proposal also advocates the installation of a new river weir, which would improve the appearance of the Clanrye and facilitate the development of a Central Pond in the Basement site. In a statement the groups said that it, “Recognises that Newry is crying out for a park in the centre of the city where you can take your children for a picnic, have a brisk walk in beautiful surroundings, eat your lunch or just chill out and watch the boats coming and going. The park has the potential to be a tourist magnet and one of the most used parks anywhere on the island of Ireland with the walkway/cycleway from Carlingford ultimately taking you all the way to or from Portadown and Lough Neagh.”


31st December 2014

Newry Reporter