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Aiming high

The Newry 20/20 group recently met with Connswater Community Greenway Programme Wendy Loughran to learn how an east Belfast Project drew down £40m to move a river, build three new bridges as well as parks, walkways and cycle paths. Newry 20/20’s core aim is the delivery of a central park for the city with an online petition to site such a facility at the 15 acre Albert Basin site having attracted 1.500 signatures. In a statement 20/20 said there were parallels between what has been delivered in Belfast and what could happen in Newry. “The Greenway will eventually create a 9km linear park through east Belfast following the course of the Connswater , Knock and Loop Rivers connecting the open and green spaces,” the statement read. The Connswater River is currently dirty and neglected. A parallel with the Clanrye River is obvious. As part of the project the rivers will be cleaned and brought back to life. The Greenway will create vibrant, attractive, safe and accessible park land for leisure, recreation and community events and activities.” Giving the Newry 20/20 group her thoughts on the Albert Basin project, Wendy said, ” I would say aim high, be overly ambitious because the time you get to deliver it you don’t want things to have moved on. Keep the quality as high as you can. If you can, get a project to try and base your ideas on  and use the workability studies already available.” Newry 20/20 will next meet in the Sugar Supper Club on Monday November 10 at 7.30pm. Following a campaign led by groups including Newry 20/20, Newry Maritime Association and Newry Urban Sports, a full Council meeting of the recently re-established Albert Basin sub-committee will take place on Thursday.


Newry Reporter

22nd October 2014