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Area to ‘milk’ CowParade

The CowParade a world famous public art and charity exhibit could be coming to Newry in this year. Up to 270 specially decorated bovine busts will be coming to Northern Ireland next year and Newry and Mourne District Council recently heard a presentation from As It Is Consulting on the prospect of bringing a number of cows to the city. A visit of the CowParade would aim to showcase Irish artistic talent and encourage cross community engagement whilst raising thousands of pounds for charity by the way of  the auction of specially designed and colourful fibreglass cows. The event has also proven to boost trade and tourism in many areas in which it has visited. The cost of bringing the beasts to the city range from £3,500 for three months the cow being later auctioned off to £19,250-£21,000 for six cows for three months (two of which can be kept permanently by the council, three are auctioned. Having discussed the matter at the Tuesday December 6 economic development committee Councillor Davy Hyland (IND) proposed and Councillor William Burns (DUP) seconded that the council explores the matter further with the Newry City Centre Management Partnership and all the chambers of commerce and trade within the district.


Newry Reporter

4th January 2012