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Autoline Insurance Welcome Japanese Telematics Delegation

Autoline Insurance Group were full of youkoso (welcome) this week as a delegation of Japanese researchers from Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo arrived at their Newry headquarters. The delegation were on a fact finding mission after reading an article about Autoline’s innovative use of telematics technology to reduce the price of car insurance for young people.


The team from the leading research consulting firm travelled from Tokyo and New York to find out more about how telematics works in practice with the view to seeing if a similar system could be rolled out in Japan.


Caroline Currie, Autoline Insurance Group said: “It is exciting to see the technology that we have devised with our partner MyDrive Solutions getting worldwide recognition. We have already spoken about how the system is working for our clients at conferences in Europe and we are delighted to share our success today with the team from Nomura Research Institute.


“Telematics technology which allows you to monitor driving using a downloadable smartphone app called the ‘Road Safe Reward App’ is revolutionising the insurance industry. We are able to offer young drivers in particular competitive insurance quotes, with up to 50% discount if they use the system.  It has long term benefits as well, helping people to recognise and address bad driving habits which should improve road safety. Safer driving also can reduce fuel consumption making it a greener alternative also.


“It would be fantastic to see the Nomura team take what they have learned here today back to  Japan and show Northern Ireland as a place continuing to lead the way in innovation.”


Mr Ikko Soga, Nomura Research Institute America, Inc. said, “We are extremely interested in the innovative way Autoline Insurance Group has been using telematics technology since reading about it in a journal. My colleagues from Tokyo wanted to find out more. Autoline have been very helpful and very welcoming. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Autoline and to finding our more about how Northern Ireland is embracing and utilising this technology.”


For further information about telematics and the ‘Road Safe Reward App’ log onto www.autoline.co.uk