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Big deal for small businesses

A Newry businessman said he hopes the expansion of his business could lead to jobs growth across the city. Having launched his Dealtronic business in Newry earlier this year, entrepreneur Peter McCaul launches his business across the north this week offering a  new exciting and innovative way for businesses to increase sales and profits – whilst giving customers the opportunity to get their purchases for free. While running a pub several years ago Mr McCaul thought of the idea for Dealtronic and turned it into a business creating six new jobs in the process. He said Dealtronic has already attracted interest from more than 100 companies in five weeks. And he anticipates exponential sales growth which will see new jobs right across the north as the brand grows. He explained what Dealtronic is and how it can Impact on how we currently shop: ” The extended downturn in the market has pushed more and more businesses into seemingly constant sale mode. This can often be off-putting for consumers if they think a store is constantly in sale mode. Dealtronic creates a fresh new way of enticing customers into their businesses. Dealtronic brings the excitement     back into sales with the chance of 100 per cent discounts on premium products and services. Dealtronic is the first company top offer businesses a system which can be used instore, online and through mobiles. This delivers a greater reach for businesses as well as a more convenient shopping experience for customers. It’s effectively old style haggling at the touch of a button for consumers.” Dealtronic allows business owners total control and ability to increase sales, marketing and advertising and engage with their customers in an exciting and unique way. The business creates deals for ed products and the consumer buys the  Deals and at the point of purchase through an in store tablet PC Dealtronic shows the customer a five second animation which ends by displaying the Deal they win. Some people will get their product for free while others will receive varying levels of discount. Mr McCaul added: “The customer always wins while the retailer sets the deal in such a way that if you average out the discount across the number of products it will generate profit. The response to Dealtronic so far has been fantastic. Dealtronic allows customers to get their Dealtronic deals in three simple steps: pick their Dealtronic item, pay for the Dealtronic item, push the Dealtronic icon and receive your guaranteed Deal in our uniquely exciting way. And there is always the opportunity for the customer to get their purchase for free.” Mr McCaul said Dealtronic provides the solution for small and medium sized businesses to compete against larger corporate companies both on the high street and on-line: “Dealtronic make it easier for those businesses to attract new customers and retain existing ones with Dealtronic’s unique service.” Supporting the business is InvestNI. Its Southern Regional Manager Mark Bleakney said: “Marketing assisting from InvestNI will enable Dealtronic to capitalize on business opportunities across Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and further afield over the coming months. Dealtronic is a young business with high growth potential and we aim to help companies such as this to succeed in markets outside Northern Ireland.”


Newry Democrat

6th November 2012