Newry Chamber is delighted with the uptake from the local and wider business community for our FREE Brexit Workshops happening throughout October, with 200 business representatives having registered so far but there is still some limited places available.

As a business, it is important that you understand the wider business context of Brexit. A deal has now agreed between the UK government and the EU, but it still has to get through parliament. It is important as a business that you plan for all scenarios.

Ensure that your business is ‘Brexit Ready’ before the 31st October deadline and receive in depth information from industry experts on topics including:

  1. Post-Brexit Customs Procedures & Paperwork Workshops
  2. VAT & Tax Landscape Post-Brexit Workshops
  3. Tax & Business Strategies for Cross-Border Trade Post-Brexit Workshops
  4. Managing EU Workers Post-Brexit Workshops


One-Day Workshops in Post-Brexit Customs Procedures & Paperwork

Whether you are a small or large company, as we head towards the 31st October deadline, it is vital your business is prepared for new customs documentation.

Newry Chamber has organised a FREE Workshop delivered by customs and trade specialists. It is aimed at company representatives responsible for completing customs declarations/dealing with customs agents or for supervising that work. Equally, if you have no experience of customs procedures but want to understand how they may operate and impact on your business post 31st October, this course will be of benefit to your business.


  1. Thursday 24th October, 9am-5pm – BOOK NOW
  2. Monday 28th October, 9am-5pm – BOOK NOW
  3. Tuesday 29th October, 9am-5pm – BOOK NOW

Half-Day Workshops on the VAT & Tax Landscape Post-Brexit

These workshops will aim to ensure participants have a clear understanding of the changes to the VAT system and how it might impact their business. Using a practical and informative style the workshop also involves a walkthrough of various case-studies showing the true VAT, WTO Tariff and Currency Cashflow Impact of Brexit in the following sectors:

  • Food Processing Company
  • Manufacturing Company
  • Company Operating in the Construction Sector

This workshop will be delivered by PKF-FPM’s award-winning Tax and Consultancy Team.


  1. Monday 21st October, 9:30am-1pm – FULLY BOOKED
  2. Wednesday 23rd October, 9:30am-1pm – FULLY BOOKED
  3. Friday 25th October, 9:30am-1pm – BOOK NOW

Half-Day Workshops on Tax & Business Strategies for Cross-Border Trade Post-Brexit

These workshops will provide participants with an understanding of the tax barriers of trading in the EU Post-Brexit, the disruption to existing cross-border structures and a comparison of the various types of structures that a business can trade through. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the impacts on their business and benefit from essential tax and business planning tips.


  1. Monday 21st October, 2pm-5pm – BOOK NOW
  2. Wednesday 23rd October, 2pm-5pm – FULLY BOOKED
  3. Friday 25th October, 2pm-5pm – BOOK NOW

Half-Day Workshops on Managing EU Workers Post-Brexit

Businesses in the Greater Newry Area depend heavily on EU migrant labour. If there is an end to Free Movement of EU Citizens after Brexit, many local businesses will face real challenges around employability and access to labour. With the support of Immigration law and HR specialists, Newry Chamber is organising workshops on managing your labour force Post-Brexit.


  1. Wednesday 23rd October, 9:30am-12:30pm – FULLY BOOKED
  2. Wednesday 30th October, 9:30am-12:30pm – BOOK NOW