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Camlough Lake’s million pound boost

Over one million pounds is being spent by the council to develop Camlough Lake so it can further enhance tourism in the district. At last week’s Enterprise, Regeneration and Tourism Committee meeting it was recommended that members approve to initiate vesting process of Camlough Lake so that council can obtain ownership of it. While the Council do not currently own the lake they have operated under a licence and have been actively engaged in managing it for it for recreational use for more than 15 years. Members heard that the lake was historically owned by the Camlough Lake Trustees but they have since deceased. Previously significant health and safety concerns were raised regarding the lake which are currently being managed by NI Water and the Council who have agreed to a rehabilitation programme sharing the costs of circa £2.5m over the next two years. NI Water said that while they are currently involved in this programme they indicated that they are unlikely to continue this from beyond 2017and therefore do not see their organization seeking title of the Lake itself. As the lake is currently used for a wide range of activities and events which attract a growing number of people the council have said that that they are “best placed” to develop and manage the facility. While the Council is moving forward to obtain ownership of the Lake the cost to the Council remains unclear at present until lands involved are valued. Members of the committee were informed that once this information becomes available, it will be reported back to Council.


Newry Democrat

16th June 2015