‘We help our members grow through a variety of networking opportunities.’

Common Purpose – Leadership Programme


Common Purpose Navigator Northern Ireland 2015



A leadership course for high potential individuals from different backgrounds, sectors, countries and continents. Its regional nature fulfils participants’ wish to connect within their own community, whilst its international reach stretches them far beyond it. It challenges participants to deal with complex problems and become leaders who can deliver results through building and leading collaboration when required.


The problems that most need solving cross boundaries, and the way to solve them is for individuals to do the same. Leaders are most effective when they broaden their horizons and that doesn’t just happen, leaders need to make it happen.”


Julia Middleton, founder and Chief Executive, Common Purpose


What are the benefits of Navigator?



Participants thrive in the environment that helps them to combine their personal values and their professional skills. They become more aware, balanced, professional and effective leaders.


People apply for our courses from many different backgrounds and diverse outlooks. This creates an environment in which participants learn to adapt and thrive, opening up to working with different people, in new ways and places.


On the course, we connect people who might otherwise never meet; as a result, participants develop lasting relationships that encourage collaboration.


Participants are energised and inspired by their access to a range of leaders and unfamiliar settings as they investigate real-life challenges. They develop the ability to cope with complexity, communicate better, discover creative ideas within diverse groups and the energy to become leaders.


After the course participants also receive invitations to events designed to re-connect them with their group.


What Navigator did for me…


‘Common Purpose gave me confidence. Through a variety of structured exercises Common Purpose allowed me to examine my own passion and courage, personal objectives and business goals. With the support of other course members I was able to channel this insight into a series of decisions that ultimately led me to start my own business. The business, now in its second year, has 12 employees and is a leader in its field.


Common Purpose is great for business. I have refined my presentation skills, grown new business and developed strategic partnerships that are having a very tangible benefit to my organisation’s bottom line.’

Nick Price, Commercial Director, Square i Media




“The Navigator course was one of the most interesting, enjoyable and definitely the most useful course I’ve ever attended. I already find myself using things I learnt on the course both in work and outside of it, without even thinking. Being in an environment with so many people from different sectors and industries and seeing they have similar challenges and a shared goal to want to improve things in their workplace and in society was fantastic.”


Richard Ferguson, Halo Network Manager at Halo Business AngelsNorthern Ireland 


Who is Common Purpose Navigator for?


Common Purpose Navigator is middle managers, who already have some management responsibility and are tipped to be the leaders of the future.


As with all our open courses, the participant group on Common Purpose Navigator will be diverse in terms of background, experience, and sector. This diversity provides a key strength of the course.


What is the format of Common Purpose Navigator?


Common Purpose deals with real-life issues and insights, so the course is neither classroom nor lecture based. We go beyond standard leadership models and learn instead from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment so that they examine why, when and how they lead.


The course spans two months. It is structured in a modular format, comprising compulsory and optional choices, which challenge the participants to consider leadership issues from very different perspectives, reflecting the real-life complexity of their own roles, interests and experiences.


To graduate from the course you will need to complete 35 hours of learning.


Compulsory Elements


The course is centred around three compulsory days where participants learn three elements of leadership: power, courage and resonance.  


Power: Examine the role of power in leadership – what is it, where does it come from, who holds it and how can we use it. You will discover if, and how, you can influence change and the differences between positional power and the power of ideas and innovation.


Courage: Courage, or if you prefer, resilience, strength of character – is a mainstay of good leadership. You will learn how to develop your leadership instincts – when to proceed and when to hold back to get the best result.


Resonance: Develop your awareness of how you communicate and whether you resonate with others.  Learn how to use your own personal power and courage in an effective way so that you can co-operate and collaborate with others.


Forums: participants will hear from leaders who will share their failures and successes, as well as learning to coach each other on overcoming their own individual challenges. 



Modular Course Elements


In smaller, local groups participants take part in several types of leadership modules:


Raids: in small groups participants venture into someone else’s world to find out how change happens there.


Quests: participants gain insights, and different perspectives, by travelling to different places, spending time in another town, city or country. Quests are an optional part of the course.


International elements


We give participants an understanding of the local context in which they do their jobs, the impact of their decisions and the contribution they can make. And because we operate in countries across the world – and connect them up – participants are exposed to the broader international perspective.


During the course participants have access to the Common Purpose 360 website where they are invited to record and share their learning, and to interact with participants from all courses.


All participants are given the option of taking part in a Quest to a city in another country.  A range of Quests are available depending on the time of year.




Course Outline Summary


2015 Dates

Compulsory Days – Power, Courage and Resonance

Each day counts for seven hours


 (Participants will be expected to attend all three core days)


15 October 2015

12 November 2015

10 December 2015



Learning Forum sessions count for three and a half hours


(Participants will be expected to attend all three forums)


22 October 2015

20 November 2015

3 December 2015



Each Raid is a day long session and counts for seven hours.


 (Participants will be expected to attend a minimum of one raid but advised to attend 2 where possible)



4 November 2015

25 November 2015



All participants are given the option of taking part in a Quest to a city in another country.  A range of quests are available depending on the time of year. 


(This is an optional module)


Dates to be confirmed




How to apply:


You can apply for our courses by completing an application and equal opportunities form online* at http://www.commonpurpose.org.uk/courses/early-career/international-navigator and click on the ‘how to apply’ tab.


The course fee is £3,500 + VAT

(The price includes a copy of the book, ‘Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World’ by Common Purpose founder and Chief Executive Julia Middleton).


Some part-fee places are available, for organisations unable to afford the full cost.   If you wish to be considered for a part-fee place please complete the appropriate section of the form.


You will be notified as soon as possible as to whether your application has been successful.

Note: If for any reason you are unable to apply online please contact the Belfast Office on:

 02890 435890 or, claudine.sutherland@commonpurpose.org.uk