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Community Confederation holds annual meeting

Mayor Charlie Casey recognised the contribution made by the Confederation of Community Groups in tackling disadvantage and addressing the need in local communities during the 38th Annual General Meeting. The councillor said the confederation has helped improve the quality of life through its project work and service delivery particularly in the areas of community development and volunteering. Mr Casey also congratulated the Confederation on the construction of its new offices and day-care facility “An Storas” saying that this development complements and enhances office and day-care provision for the sector at Ballybot House. Confederation Chairperson David Cunningham said that the group would continue to deliver services despite significant funding constraints, adding that rather than reducing funding in recessionary times funding bodies should conribute more to the sector and particularly to the social economy. Referring to the billons of pounds provided to bail out banks Mr Cunningham argued that a small amount paid to social enterprises like the Confederation and Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency would result in attracting jobs and meeting the needs of local communities.Commenting on the strain of resources due to impending public expenditure cuts  Chief Executive Raymond Jackson said, ” There is likely to be further reductions in funding at a time when communities are in the greatest need for services” but added “The Confederation has always set and achieved difficult targets and that 2011/12 would be no exception..


Newry Democrat

18th October 2011