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Congress promises economic boost

Newry’s staging of the 2014 International Small Size Children’s Congress next February will inject tens of thousands of pounds into the local economy. Representatives from over 20 participating countries are expected to descend on the city for the congress that will feature over 150 performances, exhibitions and festival events. In total thousands of visitors are expected to come to the city over the course of the four-day festival. With such a range of visitors coming to the city the local hospitality and retail industry looks set to benefit substantially. In a statement Grainne Powell of Children’s Art Organisation Sticky Fingers who led the campaign to bring the congress to the city said, “It is our intention to use this opportunity to provide as many local children as possible with the opportunity to get involved and to demonstrate the wealth of creativity, imagination and talent that  we have in Ireland and that we value our most important citizens, our children,” she said. “The opportunity to engage with so many international performers and artists from so many different cultures will provide local children with an incredible experience that they will always remember as well as an inspiration for our many emerging young artists and performers. The Small Size event will also bring a welcome boost into the local business community and is an excellent opportunity to promote Ireland and Newry and Mourne to so many international visitors. The Small Size event will create the catalyst for positive change and will open the door to new investment and will provide local artists and craft works with employment as well as impact on local restaurants and hotels.


Newry Reporter

13th March 2013