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COVID-19 UPDATE: Friday 10th April (Issue No.17)

Easter weekend is here and our message today is simple:

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Save Lives.

By following this advice, we will restrict the spread of the virus and reduce pressure on our health service.

If there is any update over the Easter Break on grants or other support measures, I will let you know.

I hope you find these updates of value. If you have any queries which you can’t get answered, let us know. If I can, I will cover them in our next update.

Monitor our social media channels and check your email inbox for regular updates.

You can contact me at:

Stay safe.

Colm Shannon,
Chief Executive Officer
Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade


Thank you to everyone who has already completed the short survey we published yesterday. For those members who haven’t, we would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes over this Easter Weekend to complete the survey as your feedback will be provided to the NI Executive.


A few minutes of your time will ensure that the voices of businesses from right across the Greater Newry Area continues to be heard and allow us to lobby on your behalf.


Newry Chamber and Newry BID held a teleconference call today with Alan Todd, the PSNI’s Assistant Chief Constable, in charge of their Gold Command for COVID-19.

We are reassured by his message that there are additional resources on the streets to protect shops and businesses, as well as businesses located in remote locations like industrial estates.

He made it clear that there will be more policing in more places and they will be enforcing the health and safety regulations.

In addition to safeguarding premises, they will be paying particular attention to beauty spots, parks and seaside locations.

If you don’t need to be in these places, you will be asked to go home and they will also issue penalty enforcements, if necessary.

As businesses, it is important that we abide by the health advice and stay at home.

If we all abide by these messages, then the quicker it will be when we are all back in business.


Women’s Aid are continuing to provide support to women, children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse.

If any businesses or individuals can make a contribution next Thursday from 12-2 at Women’s Aid Portadown and Newry Resource Centres, it would be appreciated.

In light of the COVID-19 issues, Women’s Aid have made changes to the way they provide support to those who need it.

At present they have made the decision to close all of their Resource Centres across the Women’s Aid Armaghdown Area.

Whilst the refuge remains open to ensure the safety of the residents, they are unable to take new admissions but they will continue to review this safety measure on an ongoing basis.

Women’s Aid regionally are developing a pathway to support women to access safe crisis accommodation in an emergency.

If you can help in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated.