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COVID-19 UPDATE: Wednesday 1st April 2020 (Issue No.12)

In today’s update we have information on Newry, Mourne and Down District Council’s latest support programme for businesses.

They are running an online course on setting cashflow predictions for the next 100 days. A useful and timely programme for businesses at the moment.

There is further information below on how to sign up.

We have received lots of questions about the £10,000 Small Business Grant and specially what happens if you pay your rent and rates to a landlord. We have the latest advice from Land & Property Services (LPS).

Also the staff at Daisy Hill Hospital and the Southern Health & Social Care Trust have asked me to pass on a big thank you for the tremendous response from the local business community for their requests for support.

Well done to everyone who contributed.

I hope you find these updates of value. If you have any queries which you can’t get answered, let us know. If I can, I will cover them in our next update.

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Stay safe.

Colm Shannon,
Chief Executive Officer
Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade


We have received lots of questions from members who rent their business premises from landlords asking whether they are entitled to the Small Business Support Grant of £10,000.

To be eligible the NAV of the property has to be under £15,000.

This is the advice from Land & Property Services (LPS) about property rentals.

“For rental properties, the scheme is being designed to benefit the small businesses and not the landlord who is responsible for paying the rates.”

“Where the landlord or managing agent is responsible for rates (meaning they receive the rate bill from LPS and they pay rates directly to LPS), no grant payments are being automatically issued.”

“Landlords, managing agents and small businesses in this situation should not use the Small Business Support Grant online form to register for the scheme, but should wait until a new online form for rental properties is made available in the coming days.”

If you are a tenant or indeed a landlord and you are unsure about how the scheme applies to your property, there is a helpline you can ring.

TELEPHONE: 0300 200 7809

The line is open Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Newry, Mourne and Down District Council have adopted their suite of programmes to ensure business support will continue, with support delivered remotely and safely using modern technologies. This will allow business owners to participate fully, irrespective of whether they are working from home or from their normal workplace.

Launched today, The 100 Day Consolidation Programme, will provide businesses with their own set of cashflow projections for the next 100 days, that will highlight their short-term cash requirments over this period.

The programme will allow businesses to develop a clear picture of the extent to which they currently have working capital in their business. It will project with accuracy how the cash position of their business is likely to fluctuate over the next three critical months, while supporting businesses to identify key steps that they can potentially take to free up cash over the next 100 days.

Many small business owners have found themselves thrust unexpectedly into a tough position and the programme aims to help them address this difficult situation as best they can to get positive results for all involved.

Local business are the backbone of our District and it’s important that the Council is there to help them develop as clear a picture as possible of what the immediate future will look like for them, so they can address and navigate any challenges that may arise.

The programme will be delivered by business consultants who have worked with hundreds of businesses, ranging from micro enterprises to some of the largest companies in Northern Ireland.

Eligible businesses must be:

  • Based in Newry, Mourne and Down District Council Area; and
  • Employ less than 50 people.

To register, please contact Sandy at Full Circle Management Solutions via:

The deadline for submission of expressions of interest is:

Friday 17th April 2020 at 12 noon.

To enquire about any of the above support or guidance around COVID-19 Business Support, contact the Business Development Team via:

Email: business@nmandd.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nmdbusiness
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nmdbusiness