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CRASH’s ingenius insurance

Young driver’s could be given a lifeline into affordable car insurance with a new black box system that will drive down the cost of expensive motoring cover by 40 per cent. The Ingenius Dynamikic computer technology which is being spearheaded by Newry accident management company CRASH Services. Sales and marketing director Tony McKeown spoke to the Newry Reporter on the monitoring equipment that was helping to save lives as well as bringing down high costs of insurance for all. First time drivers could benefit the most with an average £2,500 policy being slashed with positive results from the Ingenius Dynamikic. “The individual driver will see a dramatic drop in their insurance payments as the Ingenius Dynamikic system will provide accurate information and a training programme to improve their driving which insurance companies will be able to reflect in their policies,” explained Tony. The mobile phone sized ‘black box’ operates through a sim chip and is easily and securely installed in your car out of eyeshot. The telematics guide which is now compulsory for a driver in some European countries provides an easy traffic light view of the driver’s style so that they can improve their motoring skills with pinpoint accuracy. The use of google maps in conjunction with the monitor allows the driver to view an exact location where they may have driven excessively. “It can normally take up six years to build up a low claims bonus, however with this type of technology in your car put together with an insurance bundle the high end payments would sharply be brought down. This type of insurance package is something that CRASH is looking to put in place as a unique package on the island of Ireland. Further safety measures will continually be brought in to play as each government seeks to bring road death figures down. It will be a matter of sooner or later and at CRASH we believe that we can offer the best monitoring system on the market for all drivers,” added the managing director. The system has already become popular with motoring companies such as taxi firms generating massive savings across the board. The 2013 CRASH Services’ package will include the purchase and installation of the black box at £150 as well as insurance cover. The monitor system also has the capability of providing evidence in support of a good driver who has been involved in a road traffic accident insuring you get rewarded for being an Ingenius Dynamikic customer. To find our more drop into CRASH’s new branch at St Mary’s Street where you can pick up a free CRASH Car Pack to keep in your glove box or visit www.crashservices.com You could also save the 24hr free phone number (0500 27 27 47) in your mobile now in case you need it in the future.


Newry Reporter

23rd January 2013