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Deli Lites Embrace The Power Of Plants With Two New Ranges

Congratulations to our member, Deli Lites who have launched two new ranges to meet growing consumer demand for tasty meat-free products, as more and more people start to enjoy vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian lifestyles.

Launching this month is Deli Lites’ first fully plant-based range, a chef-led product line-up which is full of innovative flavour combinations and features dishes such as Buffalo Cauliflower with Spiced Cous Cous Tabouleh and Maple Harissa Dressing; Curried Chickpea with Mango Chutney and Cashew Crumble, Spiced Fritters with Beetroot Hummus, Kale & Candied Walnuts and Creamy Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta for the on-the-go, busy consumer.

The new vegan-friendly range will be available from retailers across Ireland, with plans to extend availability through its distribution lines into the UK.

In addition to its own Deli Lites plant-based range, the company has collaborated with nutritionist-led start up business, Kitchen Vegilantes, to create a second range featuring a host of ready-meals and food-to-go products that are 100% meat-free and packed full of plant-based proteins, including a number of vegan and vegetarian versions of many popular meat dishes.

The new Kitchen Vegilantes line-up includes three main meals – Cheeky Chickpea Tikka, Rebel 3 Bean Burrito Box and Bad Boy Bolognese. As well as the nutritious meals, the range offers three different flavours of energy bites which are perfect for a snack or pre-workout boost – Zesty Coconut and Pistachio Energy Bites, Cranberry Choco Lit Bites, and Bite Me Banana Brownie Bites. Also included, are three Anytime Oats in Macho Mochaccino, Wild Pecan and Apple Pie, or Berry Blast, which were developed as either a breakfast option, pre-gym boost or evening snack.

Deli Lites and Kitchen Vegilantes joined forces on the venture with the aim of creating genuinely good food that doesn’t rely on meat as a high source of protein, instead the new range utilises naturally occurring plant-based protein. The shared vision of Deli Lites and Kitchen Vegilantes sees Deli Lites CEO, Brian Reid take on the role of Director and Advisor for the start-up business.

Kitchen Vegilantes was founded by qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, Kevan Jordan. The collaboration was important to Deli Lites Co-Founders, Brian and Jackie Reid who are passionate about supporting small likeminded businesses. With their own humble origins, operating out of the kitchen café in the late 90’s, Deli Lites were keen to invest in the collaboration with Kitchen Vegilantes to demonstrate its passion for quality values.

Brian Reid, the Co-Founder of Deli Lites and newly appointed Director of Kitchen Vegilantes, commented on the new ranges:

“Deli Lites has continuously sought ways to incorporate an array of choice within our product lines. As more and more people opt to reduce or completely phase out meat and dairy, it’s even more important to us that we are able to offer products which meet changing lifestyles and diets but don’t compromise on quality or taste. By working with our chef-led Innovation team and the minds behind Kitchen Vegilantes, the two new plant-based ranges have been created by experts in their field to be nutritious and full of flavour in order to appeal to a wide range of consumers, not just those following a vegan or vegetarian diet.”

“We will continue to focus on meeting and exceeding consumer needs by creating products packed with quality Irish ingredients. As a company, we also have a strong ethos of sustainability engrained in everything we do, and we are conscious of how our products will impact the environment at every stage. From the sourcing of ingredients, to hand-made production of products, and plastic free packaging using organic recyclable clear-flow wrap film in place of plastic, everything from the product to packaging in these new ranges is proudly plant-based.”

Commenting on the importance of its new collaborative plant-based range, Kevan Jordan, Founder of Kitchen Vegilantes said:

“Having worked in the health, nutrition and fitness industry for many years, we are acutely aware of the importance of quality plant-based food to fuel healthy lifestyles. The partnership with Deli Lites has provided the ideal opportunity to develop great tasting products which are packed with natural plant-based proteins, are low in calories and also taste delicious. We’re excited to promote this range and hope to develop even more product lines in the future.”

These new plant-based dishes join a host of pre-existing vegan friendly products in the Deli Lites repertoire, which includes a tasty Coconut Mocchaccino that won over judges at Lunch! show’s Innovation Challenge, as well as a delicious Sweet Potato Fritter and Spiced Hummus Wrap, which was awarded an Irish Good Choice Quality Food Award.