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DFI Beds Trains Staff in the Use of JAM Cards

DFI Beds, Ireland’s leading online bed manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards inclusivity by ensuring that its entire workforce is trained to be ‘JAM Card Friendly’.

The ‘Just A Minute’ (JAM) Card, created by NOW Group, a social enterprise based in Belfast, enables individuals with learning difficulties, autism, or communication barriers to discreetly communicate their need for a moment of patience when using various services, including shops, public transport, and now, Tyrone-based company, DFI Beds.

DFI Beds is proud to be the first furniture company in Ireland to have all its staff complete the JAM Card training. With over 145,000 users, the JAM Card is available as a free plastic card or a mobile phone app.

Starting today, customers visiting DFI Beds can present their JAM Card to any member of staff, signalling that they require a bit more time or assistance while making their bed-related transactions.

The company has invested in training employees in its headquarters and retail stores to effectively recognize and respond to JAM Card holders. This valuable service will be actively promoted throughout the DFI Beds’ organisation.

Brian McCann, Managing Director of DFI Beds commented:

“Simple as it may be, the JAM Card has the power to reframe the experiences of individuals facing communication barriers. We understand that seemingly routine tasks, such as entering a furniture store, can be intimidating for some individuals, impacting their emotional well-being and confidence.”

“By embracing the JAM Card and ensuring our staff are trained to respond appropriately when presented with a JAM Card, we aim to create an accessible and welcoming environment in our store and showroom, ensuring the comfort of every customer and employee.”

Nicola Tipping, Business Development Manager at the NOW Group added:

“We are so pleased that DFI Beds has partnered with NOW Group to become JAM Card friendly and recognise the value of investing in training their staff to provide great customer service for people with both visible and hidden disabilities. Their adoption of the JAM Card initiative reinforces their position as a leader in the sector, setting an example for other providers to follow suit.”

“It may be ‘Just A Minute’ but that extra time and understanding can really support and comfort those with communications barriers, helping to give them equal access to the services they need every day, like bed shopping.”

“Since launching the JAM Card initiative in 2012, the scheme has been a resounding success with more than 2,500 organisations across the region participating in the training programme. With its non-verbal communication approach, JAM Card enables those with learning difficulties, communication barriers and various disabilities to feel more comfortable and confident in social situations.”

DFI Beds is Ireland’s leading online bed manufacturer. In the past 10 months, DFI Beds has opened a flagship store at the Quays Shopping Centre, Newry and most recently a factory showroom located at Junction 14, Tamnamore Road, Dungannon.

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