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Drive time at The Quays

A major electric car drive show took place in the Quays Shopping Centre last week with members of the public able to test drive some of the latest models. Speaking after the event Mayor Michael Ruane said he believed that the developing technology will become increasingly accessible in the coming years. “I think everybody would hope so,” he said. “Obviously the cost of the vehicles might be the biggest concern have but it has to start somewhere and over time you would see the cost of the vehicles coming down.” Mayor Ruane added that the council staff who have had the opportunity to drive the local authority’s electric vehicle have been pleasantly surprised. “The feedback from staff has been very positive,” he said. “Luckily in Newry we have a number of charging points including one at Monaghan Row in the Council buildings. The staff are very impressed by It and having used it think it is the way ahead. Somewhere down the years you would like to think we would all be moving in that direction and all looking for the environmentally friendly option.” Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy said that improved access to charging points and value for money will make the cars a viable option. “Drivers of electric vehicles or ecars are now never more than around 10 miles from a recharging point,”      he said. “This is great news for the growing number of owners and for anyone thinking about using an electric car. New models are coming to market almost every month and with running costs of between two and three pence a mile electric cars are a very real and sustainable option for drivers.”


Newry Reporter

5th March 2014