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Economic forum on way

Business people in Newry and Mourne way soon have a forum to work with the local council to stimulate economic development in the area. The Reporter understands that a similar grouping existed in the area until the early 2000s but this was then discontinued. However as a result of ongoing economic difficulties a number of business leaders in the district have told the Reporter that they would like to see the forum re-established in order to help develop local business strategy. And when asked by the paper if this something they would consider Newry and Mourne District Council confirmed it was already investigating such a proposal. In a statement the council said that the structure of such a forum is currently being agreed. “Following a meeting of the council’s economic development committee with Alastair Hamilton chief executive of Invest NI it was agreed that the council would consider the creation of an appropriate forum or mechanism to coordinate the economic development of the district,” a statement read. “Details to be brought forward for consideration by the council in due course.”


Newry Reporter

28th March 2012