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Essential Expertise for More Successful Negotiation & Litigation

Daly Park’s forensic accounting team, headed up by Nuala Fegan BSc ACA, is a well-recognised and experienced provider of litigation support and dispute resolution services to solicitors, barristers and private entities. 

As a forensic accounting specialist with 6 years post qualifying experience, Nuala looks beyond the numbers to deal with the business reality of a situation.

“As a Forensic Accountant, I apply my accounting, auditing and investigative skills to examine and analyse financial records, identify irregularities in business practices and interview relevant parties to report on the core issues.”

“I find it a fascinating area of work due to the variety of cases and the detailed investigation involved.  It is important that our reports are based upon sufficient and reliable information as they form the basis for negotiation and resolution in financial and business matters, often in a court of law.”

Daly Park’s forensic accounting services include:

  • Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Claims
  • Matrimonial Cases
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Dispute Resolution
  • Investigation of Financial Irregularities
  • Expert Witness in Court


For further information you can contact Nuala at (028) 3026 7715 or by e-mail at nuala@dalypark.com .