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Southern Regional College – Practical Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Venue : Newry Greenshoots Campus
Time :

The Southern Regional College are holding a Practical Cyber Security Course for Small Businesses due to start late Novemeber.

“The course is designed to show how vulnerable you are to computer based threats from inside, outside and your own bad habits. You will learn how to recognise those threats and make some simple changes to help yourself mitigate them.”

“Everyone who has a business, has a responsibility to keep their data safe and secure as well as protecting their business from fraud and attack. These workshops will help to understand the threats and protect against them.”

Course Duration:

3 sessions x 3hrs = 9 Hrs


Tuesday 21st, 28th November & 5th December 2017


6.00pm – 9.00pm

To register interest:


or alternatively contact

Aislin Trainor

T: (028) 38397778

E: trainorae@src.ac.uk

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