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Develop A Digital Strategy For Your Business Workshop

Venue : Granite Exchange, Newry
Time :

Develop A Digital Strategy For Your Business

This half-day workshop will focus on introducing delegates to strategic digital marketing planning and decision making. It is suited to individuals who are relatively new to digital marketing or those who wish to put a more strategic management process in place to support the implementation of their digital marketing.

It will include guidance on the stages in developing a digital strategy and introduce delegates to a number of the different tactics and tools that may make up their digital strategy.

It will include practical examples and group exercises which will challenge delegates to think about how they could apply best practice within their own company.

It will also help them to determine which tactics will work best to reach out to their own target audience, so they will leave the workshop with the core elements of their digital strategy mapped out.

This will include an overview of the following:

  • Introduction to marketing strategy development and models to aid decision-making
  • How to conduct a digital audit to assess marketing performance and set benchmarks for improvement
  • How to set SMART marketing objectives for your digital marketing strategy
  • Developing your digital marketing strategy
  • Key tactics for inclusion in your digital marketing mix (e.g.) social media, search engine and content marketing
  • How to develop practical marketing action plans to support objectives
  • How to measure digital marketing performance using tools such Google Analytics


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