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FREE Podcasting Workshop with Wayne Denner

Venue : Greenshoots, SRC Greenbank Campus, Newry
Time :

This is a 3-hour introductory workshop which will take you through everything you need to know about how to get into podcasting and how podcast content can be used with augmented reality platforms.

The workshop will be led by Wayne Denner, acclaimed digital media expert and champion podcaster. Wayne hosts the ‘Zero Lives Left Podcast’ which was originally a Career Progression Business Podcast but has developed into much more providing helpful information, tips and ideas on all things business, career and life.

In this workshop, you will taken through:

  1.  What is Podcasting?
  2.  Why has it become so popular?
  3.  What are the benefits of investing time and resources into podcasting?
  4.  How do you get started?
  5.  What equipment do you need?
  6.  What skills do you need?
  7.  What are the costs involved?
  8.  Where can you go for help?

Kieran Swail, Tourism Innovation Specialist at SRC will help facilitate the workshop. Kieran will be relaunching ‘The Tomorrow Visitors Podcast’ at the workshop.

The workshop is supported through the ‘Emerging Technologies’ strand of the Connected Programme funded by the Department of the Economy NI.

There is no cost to the workshop and places are limited to 15 businesses so early booking is advised.


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