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LAUNCH: COVID Heroes In The Workplace

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One year on after the start of COVID-19, Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade has launched a campaign to celebrate COVID Heroes in the Workplace.

Emma Mullen-Marmion, Newry Chamber President said:

“This high-profile campaign will run across all our social media channels. We want to recognise all the employees in the Greater Newry Area who have gone the extra mile to keep their businesses going through the last year.”

“Many businesses have been forced to close by the restrictions. Despite this, many have displayed incredible determination, spirit and innovation to keep their businesses afloat through immensely difficult times. Those that remained open have worked around the clock to keep food on our tables and deliver the essential services we need.”

“We want to recognise all of these workers. Our social media campaign is an opportunity to say a big thank you for their commitment and dedication, through what has been a difficult time for them and their families. The campaign will recognise the inspirational leaders, employees who have gone the extra mile, workers or teams who have helped in the community or the innovative employee who developed a new idea to keep the business going.”

“There are no categories and no limits to the type of employee or employees who can be nominated. We want to hear about anyone who has made a difference. It is an opportunity for the business community to say thank you to their staff who have given so much in the past year.”

“The campaign will run from 20th April 2021 for a month. It is easy to nominate someone. Just follow the links from Newry Chamber’s social media channels and website. Every nominated employee will be profiled on our social media channels. At the end of the campaign, we will have a Role of Honour for anyone who was nominated.”


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