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EVENT: #IamRemarkable Workshop with Nicola McGuinness

Venue : Finegan & Son, Newry
Time :

DATE: Wednesday 16th March 2022
TIME: 6:45pm – 8:30pm
VENUE: Finegan & Son, Newry

Book your FREE place for our upcoming #IamRemarkable Workshop with Nicola McGuinness in Finegan & Son, Newry on Wed 16th March 2022 from 6:45pm – 8:30pm with refreshments on arrival.

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond.

In this interactive session, you will learn the importance of self-promotion in your career and business and be equipped with tools to develop this skill. Participants will be invited to challenge the perception around self-promotion.

How can it support your company and employees?

  1. Drive diversity benefits and allyship by supporting women and underrepresented groups by getting their voices heard.
  2. Improve motivation and self-confidence by encouraging employees to express their achievements.
  3. Strengthen team cohesion and inclusion by building trust and improving the quality of communication.

During the 90 minute #IamRemarkable workshop, you will:

  • Share data and research regarding self-promotion and unconscious bias.
  • Go through the main exercise to help you articulate your achievements and practice self-promotion.
  • Have a discussion and share take home exercises.

The content shared from participants is in a welcoming, confidential and supportive environment.


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