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WEBINAR: Supporting Individuals to Enter & Stay in Employment

Time :

DATE: Friday 1st April 2022
TIME: 1pm – 2pm

We are delighted to host a FREE upcoming webinar on ‘Supporting Individuals to Enter & Stay in Employment’.

This webinar will be facilitated by Barbara-Anne Richardson, Coordinator of the Condition Management Programme (CMP) at Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

Barbara-Anne will talk about the Condition Management Programme (CMP) which:

  • Helps individuals to manage their health condition
  • Encourages individuals to progress towards, move into and stay in employment

This funded programme is led by healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and mental health nurses.

Conditional Management Programme (CMP) assists individuals to:

  • Better understand their condition
  • Improve day to day functioning
  • Increase their confidence
  • Improve the prospects of returning to work or staying in work

Join us to find out how you can support current or prospective employees through the Conditional Management Programme (CMP).

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