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First Trust Business Breakfast – 10th April – Invitation to Newry Chamber Members



The First Trust Bank is inviting members of Newry Chamber to attend a special business breakfast – economic briefing on the 10th April in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry hosted by Jim Fitzpatrick.



Guest arrival and registration, breakfast


Introduction from Jim Fitzpatrick and opening address from Des Moore


Economic presentation from Gareth Hetherington, Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy – with particular emphasis on the importance of export growth for economic growth/rebalancing


Panel discussion, Q&A and close



Event outline

The event will be MC’d throughout by Jim Fitzpatrick with Des Moore making the formal opening address. Gareth Hetherington will begin the morning by giving an economic overview as well as a particular focus on the importance of an export led growth withinNorthern Ireland’s economic strategy. 

This briefing will set the scene for a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities of developing an export focused private sector.  The panel session will be chaired by Jim Fitzpatrick and will include a number of different perspectives – NICEP, Invest NI, Newry Chamber of Commerce, Local Business/Exporter and First Trust Representative.

This would consider a number of things:

  • Business success in a challenging climate
  • Business growth
  • Encouraging young people into business
  • Diversification in business
  • Importance of the right mindset/belief and confidence
  • Support available for business – finance support /Invest NI expertise
  • Why the need to export?
  • What are the growth opportunities in export markets for local business?
  • Barriers to Export Growth- separating real from perceived barriers /demystifying the barriers.
  • Differences between product and service exporting – do they present different challenges?
  • What are the most important steps to considering export for first time?
  • What are the necessary skills for export success?
  • Lessons/experiences/advice on export marketing – especially from successful exporting company

The session will involve contributions from the panellists and questions from the floor facilitated by Jim.

To register for this event, please contact Stephen Comer, details below:

Stephen Comer
First Trust Bank
Tel: 02830440966

Email: stephen.d.comer@aib.ie