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From Newry to the world

A new online news sports and features website and television channel has been launched in Newry. QQTV which will broadcast on www.lifestylenewry.com is an extension of the service provided by the Q Radio Network. The Q Network owned by Northern Ireland Media Group (NMG) operates in six locations across the north, broadcasting locally on Q100.5, formerly 5FM. One of the major features of the new site is QTV which hosts video news and sports reports as well as features and documentaries on local issues and much more. Each area in the Q Network will get their own localized broadcasts but Robert Walshe CEO of Northern Ireland Media Group said he wanted to launch the initiative in Newry. “We chose Newry as the launch site because many of the connections we have are here,” he said. “We have a wonderful relationship with Newry and Mourne Council and work in partnership with the owners with the owners of the Newry Democrat and of course we have a wonderful team here at Q100.5.” He outlined the company’s vision for QTV and lifestylenewry.com before adding that this was only the beginning and that the company would be looking at expanding into live broadcasts of sports events and even acquiring a terrestrial aerial. Mayor John McArdle spoke at the launch to welcome the new venture which he said would be good for NMG and good for Newry. “Newry and Mourne Council has a very productive relationship with Q Radio,” he said. “This new initiative will help inform and entertain citizens. It will offer a platform for local businesses and will raise the profile of Newry and Mourne locally, nationally and internationally.” Q Radio personalities Rowan Hand and Big O kept the audience at the launch entertained wi8th jokes and stories, often directed at each other while a questions and answers session saw some of the finer points of the new venture being discussed. QTV and www.lifestylenewry.com are live now.


Newry Democrat

4th June 2013