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FSB chairman urges to keep trade local

The Federation of Small Businesses has warned that to keep trade local in Newry city centre is more imperative than ever. FSB chairman John Rooney haws welcomed the news that t he transfer of planning powers to local government on April 1 2015 will mean that planning and development management are going to be decided by locally elected representatives. “We want those responsible for planning decisions to ensure to ensure that existing businesses and potential new shopping centres enhance the shopping experience and are compatible. The challenge is to ensure that Newry city centre traders thrive and that our local economy grows,” he said. “Our town centres will be in the hands of local people influencing the future of many local businesses. FSB has long been campaigning on ‘Keep Trade Local’ and sees the need now more than ever to get back out on the campaign trail this summer to bring the message to the fore with the new ‘super councils’. Small businesses are at the heart of the local community. They generate wealth employment and opportunity. As part of the campaign the FSB is lobbying on the 5 Ps which are ‘Parking, Procurement, Promoting and Growing Small Businesses, Protecting Small Businesses and Planning that is crucial at this time of transfer of powers to local authorities,” he added. “Councils going forward will be responsible for drawing up local development plans, processing the majority of planning applications, planning enforcement and conservation. One of the major threats to our town centre retailers and businesses over the past few years has been the new shopping centres which are not compatible with town centre businesses. Local authorities will now take on this tremendous responsibility and the FSB want to remind them that local towns and economies need their support to not only to survive but to thrive.”


Newry Democrat

12th August  2014