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Green Newry

Newry and Mourne District Council is congratulating residents on achieving a recycling rate of 39 per cent for 2012/13 and is encouraging everyone to continue their efforts for the new year. However over the last month council officers have noticed an increase in unsorted general waste being taken to the recycling centers and thrown into general waste skips. All this waste will eventually end up going to landfill at a cost of £72 + VAT per tone in landfill tax. Last year Newry and Mourne Council sent over 24,077 tonnes of waste to landfill 4,600 tonnes of which came from the Household Recycling Centers. Director of Technical and Leisure Services Jim McCorry said: “Officers have been visiting the Household recycling centers over the past month and have noticed have noticed that some residents have not been sorting their waste for recycling. This means that valuable recyclable material is going to landfill. We would like to ask residents to sort their waste into recyclable and non recyclable material before coming to the sites to ensure only general waste is going to landfill.” The council’s recycling officers are offering a free white sack per household for the storage and transporting of materials to the recycling sites. These white sacks are available from the council office in Greenbank Industrial Estate. The following materials  can be recycled at the Household Recycling Centers: Green waste, metal, cardboard, plastic (eg kid’s toys), wood, paper, glass, domestic appliances, electrical goods, fluorescent tubes and batteries. For more information please contact our recycling officer on 028 3031 3233 or email recycling@newryandmourne.gov.uk


Newry Democrat

14th January 2014