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Health Hub could lead to major developments in city centre

The announcement that the new Health Hub has been awarded to Newry based O’Hare and McGovern is expected to spark a flurry of major developments in the city centre. It is understood that it will have a knock-on effect that could lead to a number of multi-million pound developments in the city centre. With GP services moving from the current Health Village off Monaghan Street to the Abbey site, there is growing speculation that the Health Village site will bought and developed by the nearby SRC as it seeks to expand top meet increasing numbers. This in turn could lead to Newry and Mourne and Down Council inquiring about the availability of SRC’s East Campus with a view to building a much need Civic Centre. Such a move would cancel the Council’s interest in developing the Albert Basin for Civic offices which would be a welcomed move by a number of Newry voluntary groups that are pressing the council to develop the Albert Basin as a social and recreational park with additional facilities. The new Health Hub will lead to over 100 jobs in Newry with more on the way as a result of the major development the Health Hub is expected to have.


Newry Reporter

22nd July 2015