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Inaugural Q Radiothon Raises Over £96,000 for Four Leading Northern Ireland Charities

Congratulations to our member, Q Radio who raised over £96,000 for four of Northern Ireland’s leading cancer and end of life charities over the three-day Q Radiothon fundraiser.

Action Cancer, Friends of the Cancer Centre, Marie Curie and Cancer Fund for Children are the four equal beneficiaries of all money raised.

Managing Director and Head of Programmes Robert Walshe commented:

“When we all sat around a table in September of last year and discussed the Q Radiothon concept for the first time, I knew immediately that we were about to embark on something very special. From then until now it has been a joy to watch the four leading cancer and end of life charities work together to ensure the inaugural Q Radiothon was a complete success.

On behalf of all four charities and Q Radio, I would like to thank all of our stakeholders who gave their time, resources and enthusiasm so freely. We never doubted the generosity of the Northern Ireland public and we would like to thank them all for their support over what was an incredible three days. Our mantra was Together We Can and I can safely say Together We Did.”