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Iur Cinn Fleadh’s ‘4midable’ gig

Newry’s first Trad music festival swept into the city last weekend with thousands of people attending gigs, sessions, dances and performances in over 30 venues. The highlight of the festival was undoubtedly the return of hometown heroes The 4 Of Us in the Town Hall on Saturday night for the first time n 25 years. According to Columba O’Hare, one of the event’s organisers and the provider of these wonderful photographs, the festival offers more than just entertainment. “When Newry 2020 came up with the idea came up with the idea of the Iur Cinn Fleadh the plan was always to put on a signature festival that Newry people could be proud of and not only what’s on offer already but to encourage many more visitors to come to stay in Newry specifically because of an event that is happening,” he said. “While I’m not under any illusion that the festival will take a while to build to maturity and its full potential which really is ‘sky’s the limit’ material with the support of everyone. It is certainly very positive to see such a busy weekend for our local accommodation providers and we would be very happy to think that we have committed to that in some way. With a budget of virtually nil Newry 2020 came up with a spectacular first Iur Cinn Fleadh Festival that had so many highlights. The boat trip down the Canal over two nights on Tall Ship Soteria could have been sold out many times over. Young group ‘Cup o’ Joe’s’ performance in the Riverside Church was beyond outstanding and many of the city’s bars experienced totally top notch traditional music, some for the very first time.” Orla Jackson of Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade added that the festival in addition to the Star Spangled Festival in Rostrevor had provided a welcome boost to the local hospitality sector. “It is very positive news to hear of all the visitors coming to Newry to attend concerts and events which are being hosted throughout the City and surrounding areas this weekend,” she said. Newry Chamber applauds the organisers of Iur Cinn Fleadh, Star Spangled Festival and other events which are attracting the large numbers of tourists and visitors to the area. The spin off for the local economy is very much welcomed by the local business community.”


Newry Reporter

17th September 2014