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Keep going green?

Some of Newry’s most iconic buildings could be going green next year following an illuminating proposal. Plans are aloof to light up structures including Narrow Water Keep Ross Monument and Bagenals Castle in emerald green for St Patrick’s Day 2013. In a statement Crotlieve Councillor Mickey Ruane (SF) who made the proposal said the initiative would provide a cost effective means of drawing attention to some of the district’s best assets. “I have put a proposal to the council at a tourism meeting to use the idea in a local context and to look at promoting our own St Patrick’s Day celebrations and what Newry and Mourne has to offer year round across Ireland and over in the UK,” he said. “The costs involved I believe would be minimal as all three are already lit up. I believe that  being inventive within our PR department we can use it to great effect and showcase Carlingford Lough with the iconic Ross Monument and Narrow Water Keep in one of the most scenic views to match anywhere across the globe. Tourism is on the way forward and we have to sell our area to promote its full potential.” A council statement on the matter said: “A special economic development committee meeting proposed that the council investigate the possibility of  illuminating in green some of our iconic buildings and monuments for St Patrick’s Day next year. This proposal will be brought before the next district development monthly meeting.”


Newry Reporter

28th March 2012