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Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade supports the lobby for the Stroke Unit to remain in Daisy Hill Hospital.

Please see attached consultation document seek views on the future of Stroke services in the Southern Trust.

If you agree with Newry Chamber that services should not be moved to Craigavon from Daisy Hill – please tick NO to question one – (add comments) and tick YES to question 2 (no comments required).

Some of the reasons we have for not supporting this are listed below:

  • DaisyHillHospital(DHH) currently has an effective stroke unit, patients are assessed and treated early and receive daily therapy.
  •  DHH has the current model of practice (one unit from admission to discharge) that this proposal wants to implement in Craigavon Area Hospital (CAH) – however the patients from Newry and Mourne (N&M) will have a fragmented service – they will have multiple journeys and some of their hospital stay will be in DHH and CAH – not streamlined like the new CAH proposal or the current DHH service.
  • There was no patients / families involved in the proposal and development stage of this process.
  • CAH has poor accessibility from areas within N&M, poor public transport links, poor road between sites. Stroke primarily affect older people – a long journey for spouses and family members  visiting / assisting with feeding / meeting doctors& other staff as required.
  • The preferred option would be 2 stroke units – one in DHH and one in CAH (using the model of practice in DHH).

The deadline for returned responses is FRIDAY 31 OCTOBER 2014