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Kukoon Rugs Roll Out 4 Day Week with No Pay Reduction for Staff

Fantastic initiative from our Corporate Patron, Kukoon Rugs who have rolled out a 4 day working week with no reduction in pay for their staff members.

Kukoon Rugs are one of NI’s largest eCommerce companies, known for revolutionising their industry and being an early adopter of lean methodology.

Over the past couple of years, Kukoon Rugs, like many other businesses, have identified that while hybrid/remote working is hugely in demand, it is not the ideal set up for a company that thrives on collaboration.

As a result, Kukoon Rugs has implemented a new working structure as of March 6th 2023:

  • Jan-Mar – 4.5 Day Week/½ day at home on Friday
  • Apr-Sept – 4 Day Week
  • Oct-Dec – 5 Day Week

Simon Ward, Director of People at Kukoon Rugs said:

“We are a people first company. We have a fantastic team in place, experts in their field and we don’t measure success in hours spent but value added. Our team is able to deliver when it really matters, and they don’t need to sit at a desk for 40 hours to do it.”

“We have learnt a lot over the past few years and we know a balance between work and family is critical to people’s success and we feel passionately about giving that to our employees.”

Kukoon Rugs is the largest independent rug seller in the UK & Ireland, headquartered in Newry. As a family business started in 2007, Kukoon Rugs has been able to scale drastically over the years with 3 warehouses and over 300,000 rugs in stock.

This new working structure has been rolled out across multiple departments, including the eCommerce team.

John Woods, eCommerce Manager at Kukoon Rugs added:

“The new working structure is brilliant. We all love being in the office and working together and we love spending time with our families and travelling and this 4 day working week allows us to do both.”

Kukoon Rugs are always looking for forward-thinking, mould-breaking, passionate people to join their tribe. Vacancies are posted on the company website.

To view the current vacancies at Kukoon Rugs, please visit: