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Landscape consultation

The Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership hosts its final community consultation on Wednesday 24th July 2013 in Bessbrook Community Hall from 8-10pm. For this final consultation there will be a photographic exhibition of the mill workers in the 60s from William McCutcheon. The partnership aims to address the threats and opportunities to protect the landscape of the Ring of Gullion and raise awareness and courage local community involvement in the historic, cultural and environmental features of the Ring of Gullion. The partnership will create more opportunities for physical, intellectual and sensory access to the Ring of Gullion and highlight its recreational potential, local culture and its internationally biodiversity and geology. This will ensure that high quality up to date training and skills required to address the above are all available locally. There will be an opportunity on August 28 for everyone to see the final list of proposed projects and have their say on them. The Landscapes Partnerships programme is for schemes led by partnerships of local regional and national interests which aims to conserve areas of distinctive landscape character throughout the UK. Partnerships can apply for a grant from £100k to £3m.


Newry Reporter

24th July 2013