Membership of Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade means that you are part of the largest pro-active business support organisation in the Greater Newry Area. Lobbying & Representation are important aspects of your membership. Newry Chamber lobbies locally, regionally and nationally with the Government and other authorities on issues that are of concern to its members and that of the local business community. Member’s viewpoints are sought and expressed and we ensure that your opinions and demands are recognised.

Newry Chamber has been the lead agent in the Greater Vision strategy for the Greater Newry Area. The Greater Vision is a unique ambitious integrated visionary blueprint which represents the interests of the wider population who rely on the Greater Newry Area for social, economic and cultural development. This vision’s objective is to attract visitors and investors to the region.

The Greater Vision seeks investment from central government, public sector, private sector and the European Union to roll out a series of specific projects, which will have substantial impact on the economic and social well-being of the citizens of the area. The Greater Vision has the unilateral support of all stakeholders in the Greater Newry Area from the public, private, voluntary, community sectors as well as the four main political parties.