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Major upgrade to hospital diagnostic services

Work has begun on a major upgrade to diagnostic services at Daisy Hill Hospital with the £485K investment involving the replacement of equipment in tow of the hospital’s three X-Ray rooms to new digital technology. One room was replaced in 2014 so the entire department will be operating from a digital platform following this work. “As the timely and accurate diagnosis of patients is vital in ensuring they get the right treatment, we must keep up to date with the very latest technology to ensure our patients get  the best possible care,” said Ronan Carroll, Assistant Director of Cancer and Clinical Services for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust. “The radiography department at Daisy Hill offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging services including CT scanning, ultra sound and X-Rays. Digital X-Rays offer much more superior images to the additional plain film versions allowing more accurate diagnosis of conditions. As they are compatible with NIPACs, the electronic system used by staff, digital images are more easily shared between medics, speeding up the diagnostic process. The installation of this new equipment means that all three general X-Ray rooms at Daisy Hill will now have the very best technology, patients will have lower exposure to radiation and we will be able to undertake an additional 2,600 X-Rays each year from the department.” Work on the project is expected to continue until the end of March and patients may experience some delays when attending the Department.


Newry Reporter

11th February 2015