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Market leading mortgage offers

In March First Trust Bank announced a £250m mortgage fund and a competitive suite of new mortgage products targeting first time buyers, switchers and home improvers. It also introduced a team of mortgage consultants throughout its network who manage applications at a local level. According to First Trust Bank Mortgage Consultant Berni Flannigan they have seen a marked increase in customer contact. “As house prices have significantly decreased, our customers purchasing homes feel that prices are at a more sustainable level and now is the right time to buy for them,” she said. “With the first time buyers market we are witnessing a change in our customer profile, many people are able to afford a home on their own. This had previously been unaffordable unless you had two salaries. The increased availability of competitive products like ours, along with the increased affordability in the local housing market is assisting first time buyers who may have previously had difficulty in getting onto the property ladder. Although the market may be somewhat different today our customers are taking a long term view and weighing up all their options based on solid information and a strong grasp of their individual needs and circumstances. When clients see a home in an area they want, at a price they can afford and at a time in their life that suits them they are going to purchase the home. Although we are experiencing tighter times, there are still mortgages on the market. Our customers are often surprised at how simple the process is and how open we are to doing business! We work hand in hand with customers to clarify their options taking the stress out of any change. We are getting a lot of interest from customers who are saving towards a deposit and want to discuss what they can afford to borrow. They may not be interested in getting a mortgage until next year but they want to come in and discuss what we can do for them, we can sit down with them and discuss their income and expenditure and come up with a goal for them to work towards.” To find out more about First Trust Bank’s new mortgages and rates, or to make an appointment with your local mortgage consultant Berni Flannigan on 07568 103 971 or visit www.firsttrustbank.co.uk or phone 08456 005 925.