Hourglass Northern Ireland

Company Information

Hourglass is the only charity dedicated to calling time on the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people across the UK.

With more than 25 years’ experience and expertise, their mission is to listen, advise and support vulnerable older people and all those affected by abuse and neglect throughout the UK.

Their work includes influencing, challenging and educating society and working in partnership to bring about real and positive change.

Every year, more than a million older people are physically, psychologically, financially or sexually abused or neglected in the UK. That’s one in six older people who are victims of abuse.

This is a truly damning indictment of how society views and values older people. Sadly, the abuse of older people is not a new issue but one that has now reached a critical threshold that can no longer be ignored, nor tolerated.

Hourglass in Northern Ireland:

  • Hourglass will develop traction in the NI Assembly to achieve their primary goal of implementing an Adult Safeguarding Bill, bringing Northern Ireland in line with legislative protections across the wider UK.
  • They will work with all sectors, providers and influencers to capitalise on the wide impact of recent investigations and reports and further shed light on the hidden abuse of older people both in care and health institutions and within their own homes.
  • They will pursue transparent and accurate data on crimes against older people, advocating for improvement in criminal justice procedures to broaden our insight and facilitate an agenda of prevention and protection.

Contact Details

Address: P.O. Box 216, Newry, BT35 5DH

Telephone: 07496 663 816

Email: enquiries@wearehourglass.org

Website: www.wearehourglass.org/ni