Atlas Elite Fitness

Company Information

Based in Newry, Atlas Elite Fitness Ltd is at the forefront of scientific, medical and nutritional research with your trainer, one of the most qualified personal trainers in the UK and Ireland.

Owner Rowan Kearns, a Qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Scientist and Nutritionist has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of health and fitness.

He possesses a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, he also has a range of sports related and strength and conditioning certifications.

Fitness and nutrition is essential to good health and wellbeing, however, many of us fail to exercise on a daily basis or watch what we eat. Reasons for lack of exercise or good nutrition can be manifold, with many people attributing this to lack of knowledge, body image insecurity, no time and no motivation.

Personal training from a top practitioner can remedy these problems and offer the public sound and scientific advice to help them overcome their fears and reach their goals.

Contact Details

Address: Greenbank Industrial Estate, Ballinacraig Way, Newry, BT34 2QX

Telephone: 028 3027 8250