Matt D’arcy Irish Whiskey

Company Information

The reborn firm of Matt D’arcy Irish Whiskey has acquired the site of the ‘Old Distillery’ on a central artery of the City of Newry and the site of Darcy’s Old Irish Whiskey since 1817.

Matt D’arcy Irish Whiskey is planning to recreate the Old Newry Whiskey Distillery at 19 Monaghan Street, on its original grounds and to produce an excellent-quality Irish single malt whiskey through authentic and artisan Irish distillation methods to emphasise the unique heritage and provenance.

The company is helmed by local businessman, Michael McKeown. Michael has achieved great success with a number of businesses including CRASH Services prior to commencing this new venture.

Michael also served as President of the Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade from 2015-2017.

Contact Details

Address: 17-19 Monaghan Street, Newry, BT35 6BB

Telephone: 07741 638 427