Navigator Financial Planning

Company Information

David Crozier, Senior Financial Planner started Navigator in 2004 with a view to serving needs of a limited number of discerning clients, who valued his expertise, and particularly the confidence in their futures he could provide with proper financial planning.

Navigator Financial Planning was the first fee-based financial planning practice in Northern Ireland, and in the first cohort of NI firms to be accredited by the IFP.

David was also the first Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in the Province and was in the inaugural group of Chartered Financial Planners, all of which demonstrates his extensive technical knowledge, especially in investments and inheritance tax.

This commitment to the ongoing development of expertise, service and experience for clients is still one of their core values:

‘Navigator will always keep looking for better ways.’

Today, there’s a lot more to Navigator than David. Since 2010 the current team has been taking shape, bringing a variety of talent to bear for their clients’ benefit.

They take the view that their ‘team effort’, with specialists looking at the component parts of their client service, will always have a much greater impact than relying on generalists. This is the same view that they take with their professional connections, whose support they continue to value.

Although they only trademarked their ‘Personal CFO Proposition’ in January 2015, in reality this is nothing new.

They’ve always existed to take care of clients’ financial affairs, letting them as the ‘Chief Executive’ get on with what they do best.

In Summer 2015, Navigator Financial Planning moved into a new Warrenpoint office, with more private client meeting rooms, more space for the team and a beautiful view of Carlingford Lough.

Contact Details

Address: 5 Cloughmore Terrace, Warrenpoint, BT34 3HP

Telephone: 028 3085 1199