Nicola McGuinness Coaching

Company Information

Nicola’s mission is to help women believe in their capabilities, take the action to grow their career and feel proud doing something that fulfils them and lights them up.

As a Career & Confidence Coach and the Founder & Leader of the Lean in Newry Network, Nicola helps women reconnect with their purpose, banish self-doubt and gain the self-confidence needed to create a life and career they are proud of and energised to lead.

Nicola does this in the following ways:

One to One Coaching: Helping you get unstuck from your current situation, clarify your end goal, your route, your priorities and actions so that making incremental progress along the way gets you to your dreams.

Group Coaching for Corporates: Bespoke 4, 6 or 8 week programmes designed to serve the needs of the business in developing and growing their key individuals thus creating a more diverse, energised and motivated workforce.

Motivational Workshops for Corporates & Community Groups: Topics include Resilience, Confidence & Self-Belief, Self-Promotion, Self-Compassion, Values & Boundaries, Allyship and Entrepreneurship. Bespoke to the needs of the group.

Power Hour Confidence Boost: If you have a situation where you are stuck or have an upcoming interview or a public speaking engagement, I will work with you on your confidence and self-belief and give you the essential techniques to get you unstuck and excited for what’s ahead.

Contact Details

Telephone: 07841 667 966