Orior Furniture

Company Information

Founded by Brian and Rosie McGuigan in 1979 in Newry, Orior Furniture remains a family and friends-run business and continues to be committed to working with only the best purveyors and highest quality materials.

Orior’s creative process thrives on a dynamic interaction between artists and artisans, whilst keeping a balance between its heritage and a contemporary twist.

In May of 2019, with the founders’ son, designer Ciaran McGuigan, at the helm of the brand, Orior opened a new US showroom space in Tribeca, NYC with a collection of twenty-two works and a renewed vision for the brand rooted in their origin as designers and makers.

Since 1979, builders and artisans have been at the heart of Orior. Orior’s creative motivation thrives on the dynamic collaboration between designers and furniture makers, with multiple generations of craftspeople, some whom have been with the brand since its founding, providing expertise.

At their workshop located in Greenbank Industrial Estate in Newry, the makers bring designs to life. Here, Orior infuses traditional Irish furniture-making principles with new passion and ideas.

In the design world, a piece is often design-forward and impractical, or functional but sterile. Orior balances form and function. Timeless design and long-lasting comfort are at the heart of everything they do. Crafting and building one piece at a time, with the utmost attention to detail.

Customising materials and sizing to meet your needs. The makers are designers and builders, thinkers and makers, artists and artisans. Orior imbues traditional tools and methods with new passion and potential, resulting in coveted furniture that reflects a wealth of influences.

Contact Details

Address: Unit 12, Greenbank Industrial Estate, Rampart Road, Newry, BT34 2QU

Telephone: 028 3026 2620


Website: www.oriorfurniture.com