Power NI

Company Information

Power NI has been supplying electricity in Northern Ireland for over 80 years. Energising everyday life at home, on farms, in businesses, hospitals, schools and communities. They are Northern Ireland’s largest electricity supplier with over half a million customers and their energy is part of the fabric of Northern Ireland.

While electricity isn’t the top topic at most folks’ dinner tables, it’s something they love. It’s one of life’s essentials which they are proud to empower their customers with.

Power NI are Northern Ireland’s biggest electricity supplier with over half a million customers but what really matters is the excellent service and year round savings they offer. Recently new suppliers have entered the Northern Ireland marketplace, however Power NI continues to come out on top, fulfilling 62% of the domestic market’s electricity needs and 48% of the commercial market.

What’s more, in line with their ‘customer first’ approach, they are open and honest about what they offer. At their core, they are committed to integrating corporate responsibility into the way they do business.

Power NI are the ‘one stop shop’ for all your energy saving needs. As Northern Ireland’s local energy experts, they take the business of helping their customers save energy and money very seriously. That’s why they have the right solutions to help each customer save money and energy.

The company is delighted to say that they were recently awarded the only Corporate Responsibility (CR) Award in Northern Ireland. ‘CORE’ the standard for responsible business, is awarded by Business in the Community and was recently awarded to the Group.

Contact Details

Address: Greenwood House, 64 Newforge Lane, Belfast, BT9 5NF

Telephone: 03457 455 455

Website: www.powerni.co.uk