Road Safe NI

Company Information

Road Safe NI’s mission is to promote safety on the roads, reaching out to local communities and vulnerable road users through their network of local committees across the 11 different council areas.

Road Safe NI is the Northern Ireland Road Safety Charity, established in the early 1960’s. Road Safe NI is a voluntary organisation with private limited company status.

Over the years, the organisation has lobbied extensively for new and better legislation including:

  • The new drink/drive legislation
  • Compulsory wearing of seatbelts
  • Protection of newly qualified drivers
  • Use of mobile phones by drivers


Road Safe NI engage with all road users, particularly children and young people, drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and older road users. They are dedicated to saving lives through road safety education and awareness to reduce widespread devastation caused by carnage on our roads.


Road Safe NI have enjoyed a long tradition of working in partnership with statutory bodies (such as the emergency services, local Councils and DFI) the voluntary sector and significant private sector support from businesses across Northern Ireland have proved invaluable.

Local Committees:

Their local committees and volunteers work tirelessly to improve safety on Northern Ireland’s roads and protect all classes of road users. They organise and run a programme of campaigns, activities and events including some cross-border initiatives to meet the needs of local communities across the region.

Their committee members are volunteers from all walks of life, some of whom have been affected by the loss of a loved one on our roads. Road Safe NI volunteers are motivated and dedicated to saving lives through raising awareness and improving road safety by changing road user attitudes and behaviours, ultimately saving lives.

Contact Details

Address: 48 Copperthorpe, Drumahoe, Derry, BT47 3LT

Telephone: 07934 132 597