Uptime Labs

Company Information

Adopting safety-critical procedures from industries like aviation, Uptime Labs is the incident manager’s incident flight simulator, a training ground for responding confidently and flawlessly to any incident or scenario.

They have been there and done that: 15 years as sleep-deprived software engineers on support rota for a financial trading platform. Frozen behind the keyboard during major incidents, C-level colleagues watching over our shoulder. Justifying spending millions on monitoring and APM tools.

Learning what a waste it is to invest in tools if engineers interact with the tools for the first time in the middle of a major IT incident. Scrambling to comply with 10+ different regulations for operational resiliency processes.

Uptime Labs was created to make all of this stress manageable and fun!

Contact Details

Address: 24 Forkhill Road, Newry, BT35 8LU

Telephone: 07742 396 066

Email: info@uptimelabs.io

Website: www.uptimelabs.io