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MJM Group Hosts New UK National Shipbuilding Office

Newry-based MJM Marine and sister company, Antrim-based Mivan, part of MJM Group, recently hosted the UK Government’s National Shipbuilding Office (NSO) as part of their tour of the UK.

The National Shipbuilding Office led by Chief Executive, Rex Cox has been meeting with key marine supply companies as part of the National Ship Building Strategy to drive transformative change across the shipbuilding industry and wider maritime sector and supply chains.

Gary Annett, CEO, MJM Marine said:

“It was a great opportunity to host the team from the NSO at MJM Marine Head Office in Newry. Across the group we have 210,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and over 80 years of outfitting experience. The team were taken on a tour of our facilities and chatted about our future growth plans, industry opportunities and challenges.”

The refreshed National Ship Building Strategy will set out ambitious plans to drive long term transformative change in naval and commercial shipbuilding with the new National Flagship at the heart of the strategy. The Strategy will set out a thirty year pipeline for all government shipbuilding projects putting ‘wind in the sails’ of the UK’s maritime industry to compete for and win work at home and overseas.

John Cunningham, CEO, Mivan said:

“This was a particularly exciting visit for us with the recent launch of our Superyacht and Expedition Vessel division. We have extensive experience in the marine sector and have our own inhouse capabilities including design and project management through to specialist bespoke manufacturing and quality onsite installation by our highly experienced marine team. We look forward to upcoming opportunities to compete for work on the UK’s growing fleet of naval ships and the new National Flagship.”

Rex Cox, CEO, National Shipbuilding Office (NSO) said:

“The team and I are delighted to have spent time with MJM Marine and Mivan. Their passion and pride really shone through and their global reputation is testimony to the skill and dedication of all who work for the company.”

“Our visit to Northern Ireland has provided an incredibly insightful opportunity to see first-hand leading companies already sharing our mission to drive transformative change across the UK’s entire shipbuilding enterprise. We look forward to strengthening and deepening those relationships as Government and industry work together to drive our ambitions forward.”

MJM Marine is a leading international specialist in cruise ship refurbishment with over 38 years’ experience. Mivan is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known fit out businesses working in the luxury land and marine sectors across the world.