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MJM Marine Take Centre Stage at Miami Cruise Show

Newry-based MJM Marine has travelled to an International Trade Show in Miami to showcase its expertise and affirm its position as a world leader in cruise ship outfitting.

With 19 projects completed to date in 2019 and another 10 in the pipeline for the remainder of the year, MJM Marine is leading the way for the global marine outfitting industry.

Speaking from an impressive trade stand at the CSIE Show, CEO Gary Annett outlined where the future lies for MJM Marine.

“For MJM Marine, 2019 is the year when we are seeing the results of many years of forging strong partnerships with key clients and building our reputation as a world leading marine outfitter.”

“Included in the 19 projects we’ve completed this year is Norwegian Joy, our largest ever project which saw a 1,400-strong team recreate over 40 spaces for the US market. This project is a true reflection of our partnership approach which led NCL to appoint MJM Marine as the lead outfitter in this multi-million dollar interior refit.”

The Northern Ireland based outfitter has been working hard to secure new partnerships within this competitive marketplace.

“Key to the success of MJM Marine has been our commitment to reliability, service excellence and quality delivery and the reputation which this has built,” adds Gary.

“We are therefore delighted to have secured a number of new clients this year on the back of this reputation. While it is too early to publicly announce the names of these clients, we will have some exciting new partnerships to announce in the latter quarter of 2019.”

As a leading figure in the global marine industry and an advisory board member for CSIE, Gary Annett was also a speaker during the CSIE Conference where he provided his insights into the factors involved in creating the ideal drydock.

“The Cruise Ship Interiors Expo has been an excellent opportunity for the interiors sector of the marine industry to come together to share ideas, look towards the future and engage with our wider stakeholders. I am delighted that MJM Marine is recognised as a leader in the industry and that we are playing a key role in shaping the future.”