‘We help our members grow through a variety of networking opportunities.’

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Common Purpose is now accepting applications for our Meridian senior leaders programme beginning in March 2016 and can offer discounted places to applications received pre-Christmas. Get in touch for more information!

Do you, or a member of your team, need to improve your ability to…

  • collaborate across locations, departments and organisations?
  • understand complex change at work or in the community?
  • develop relationships with multiple stakeholders?
  • lead diverse teams?


Our Northern Ireland Meridian course (starting March 2016) can help.

We will be recruiting a participant group of around 50 people from large and small organisations and companies, across the private, public, and voluntary sectors.

To request an application form or for more information aboutMeridianand other Common Purpose courses and events, please contact theNorthern Irelandoffice:

claudine.sutherland@commonpurpose.org.uk /sarah.hagan@commonpurpose.org.uk or on 028 90435890